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Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility With the Use of Debit Card Controls

Sep 7, 2023 Personal
parent showing her child how to use a debit card

How BankSouth’s Debit Card Controls Help Children Learn to Manage Money

As parents, one of our essential responsibilities is to teach our children about money management and financial responsibility. In today’s digital age, where transactions are increasingly cashless, imparting these skills has taken on a new dimension. BankSouth’s Debit Card Controls offer a valuable tool for parents to guide their children’s financial learning journey. This blog explores how leveraging Card Controls can empower children to develop vital money management skills.

Digital Money Management: A Modern Challenge

In an era where plastic cards and online transactions have become the norm, children are exposed to digital transactions from a young age. Teaching them about responsible money management is no longer limited to handing over cash; it involves navigating virtual transactions, budgeting, and making informed spending decisions. BankSouth’s Card Controls acknowledges this shift and provides a way for parents to help their children learn the digital financial landscape.

Understanding Debit Card Controls

BankSouth’s Card Controls offer parents the ability to set specific parameters on their children’s debit card usage. From spending limits and merchant restrictions to transaction notifications, these controls provide a secure and educational way for children to manage their finances. Let’s delve into how these features contribute to children’s financial learning:

Spending Limits: Parents can set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits on their children’s debit cards. This feature encourages children to prioritize their spending, make conscious choices, and understand the concept of budgeting.

Merchant Restrictions: With the ability to restrict certain merchant categories, parents can guide their children toward responsible spending habits. For instance, parents can allow transactions at grocery stores and educational retailers while limiting spending at entertainment or gaming establishments.

Transaction Notifications: Real-time transaction notifications keep both parents and children informed about spending activities. This feature prompts discussions about financial decisions, helping children understand the impact of their choices on their available funds.

Educational Conversations: Debit Card Controls facilitate ongoing conversations about money. Parents can explain the reasoning behind spending limits and budgets, the importance of saving, and the consequences of impulsive spending.

Empowering Financial Learning

BankSouth’s Card Controls transform the debit card into an educational tool. Instead of imposing strict rules, parents can collaboratively set guidelines that align with their children’s financial growth. Here’s how this empowerment unfolds:

Ownership: Allowing children to have their debit cards instills a sense of ownership and responsibility. They become active participants in managing their financial resources.

Decision-Making: Card Controls encourage children to think critically before making purchases. They learn to evaluate needs versus wants and make thoughtful decisions.

Delayed Gratification: With spending limits, children discover the concept of delayed gratification. They learn that saving and prioritizing purchases can lead to more significant rewards.

Digital Literacy: Navigating Card Controls enhances children’s digital literacy. They become proficient in using technology for financial management—a crucial skill in today’s world.

How Card Controls Work

To get started using Card Controls, open up the BankSouth mobile app, and from the Quick Links at the bottom of the screen, tap “More.” On the next screen, you can select “Alerts and Control Preferences” or how you want your alerts delivered by choosing “Alert Delivery Options.” The next screen will display all the options available to you within Card Controls. Need help? You can stop by your local branch or contact our Customer Care team during normal business hours. Already in the app? Ask our digital assistant, Rita, 24/7!

how to use debit card controls for banksouth

BankSouth’s Card Controls help modernize the way parents teach their children about money management. By providing an interactive and secure platform, children learn to make informed financial decisions while parents guide them on their journey toward fiscal responsibility. As children grow, they will carry these valuable lessons into adulthood, equipped with the skills needed to navigate their financial futures confidently.

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