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Success Story: Construction Home Lending for the Spears’ Dream Home

The Beginning: Obtaining a Home Construction Loan

Thomas and Aline were looking to evaluate three different banks to be their banking partner for the purchase of their lot and eventual construction loan. When they asked their builder, Camden Homes, who they recommend, they responded with “BankSouth, BankSouth, and BankSouth.” So they came to BankSouth.

After visiting other lots in the area, the couple stepped outside the car with their broker and immediately knew that was the one. That was the lot where they would end up building their forever home. So the process began with getting permits, house plans, and more. Watch as the Spears get started building their new lake home at Lake Oconee.

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The Middle: Phase 2.5

After purchasing a home to renovate and live in as their new home was being built, the Spears officially started calling themselves a local! They began enjoying all of the many amenities the area has to offer, including local events and time spend on the lake in their boat. During the construction of their home, they made several visits a week to the construction site to check in on the progress.

At this stage, Aline calls it “phase 2.5.” There is still a myriad of projects to be completed on the home during this phase, but the couple still sees great progress being made. Seeing the home come together has been an exciting experience so far to watch for the Spears. As this phase nears completion, they look forward to going into the fun phase where they can begin to select finishes, furniture, and more. So as an interior designer, this is Aline’s favorite part! The couple and their builder have been very pleased with the service from BankSouth. The construction draws and site inspections have been seamless.

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The End: It’s Done!

The wait is over and the Spears are now moved and settled into their forever home. They knew the day was very near when they drove up and saw that their house was painted and could see their vision really coming together. In fact, the tears flowed as Aline Spears was touring the home’s progress and saw the completed kitchen, and then again, when the new stove was put in place. The Spears feel pure joy and satisfaction as they enjoy their new home and find complete peace when they say “it’s done.”

The Spears went on to say that the entire transaction with BankSouth has been nothing but a pleasure from beginning to end.

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Q & A with the Spears

BankSouth: What was the biggest challenge throughout the process?

Aline Spears: At the very beginning when we couldn’t get permits issued.

Thomas Spears: The delay in permits was a setback. While it was a delay, it gave us plenty of time to design the house exactly the way we wanted it.

BankSouth: What was the best part of building your new home with BankSouth?

Thomas Spears: When somebody like BankSouth has your back, they’re watching what the developers are doing and making sure the draws are in order to ultimately finish the house off.

Aline Spears: Seeing the house come together and materialize has been exciting.

BankSouth: How would you describe the customer experience of BankSouth?

Thomas Spears: Fantastic. It’s been a wonderful experience to watch the house go up and go through each phase of the process. We were kept in the loop at each stage, signed off on all construction draws along the way, and talked about the process throughout. It’s worked out well for us.

Aline Spears: They’re personally involved with us and they care. They’re my people! It’s been nothing but a pleasure. We could not ask for better than Victoria. Everyone knows us. We’re more than a number. Now we do all of our business there.

BankSouth: Explain the feeling when you knew you were home and settled.

Aline Spears: Pure joy! The last delivery is when we knew we were home. We looked around and said, “it’s done!”

BankSouth: What do you like most about your new hometown?

Thomas Spears: We are now acclimated to the community and taking advantage of all of the amenities this wonderful place offers. From getting out on the lake in our boat and going to all of the events around.

Aline Spears: It’s been fun! We’ve made wonderful friends here. There’s something going on here every day. You don’t have to be bored at Lake Oconee, so we’re busy, and we love it.

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