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Success Story: Construction Home Lending for the Herreras’ Dream Home

Success Story: Home Construction Loan for the Herrera Family Lake Home in GA

It is before the year 2000. The Herreras are busy professionals living in Atlanta but want to make preparations for retirement when the time comes. So, Sandy and Diann set out to look at properties to build their forever home – the home to which they would eventually retire. They found the perfect lot at Lake Oconee and fell in love instantly. In fact, Diann said, “this is it!,” and they put an offer in that day. They would soon close on their house lot thanks to obtaining a land loan through BankSouth. From that moment, it has been their vision to create a home their entire family will enjoy for years to come.

About the Herrera Family

The Herrera family is originally from Atlanta, and they decided over 20 years ago to retire at Lake Oconee. After purchasing a lot, it was the mission of Sandy and Diann Herrera to make their retirement dreams come true someday. Well, that someday is today, as they are now in their dream home at Lake Oconee.

The Beginning: A Vision

Workers broke ground during the summer of 2020, and construction was expected to last around 12-15 months. First things first: the foundation is successfully poured, the frame is constructed, and other progress on the home’s construction is made.

Keep in mind, this is in the middle of a worldwide pandemic; that came with challenges no one could have foreseen. The Herreras and the construction crews kept their eyes on the prize, as our lending and construction loan management team held their hands through the unforeseen supply chain and material cost challenges. Continue reading or watch below to hear the Herreras explain how we were there to help during such an unprecedented time.

Fun fact: The couple’s son is an architect, both designing the layout and helping manage the construction of the home. This is truly a family project from start to finish!

Vidyard Video

The Middle: BankSouth Makes it Easy

Eight months in, and the crew is about two-thirds of the way complete with the Herrera’s custom home build. Our BankSouth home construction loan management team continues to guide Sandy and Diann on how to approach scheduled construction loan draws in order to keep up with the rising costs of materials, yet stay on budget for their home. Though it was a delicate time in the process, at no point did the Herreras feel uninformed or out of touch; “We didn’t have to guess whether or not we were going to have what we need to finish the house” recalls Diann. With this reassurance, the couple was kept at ease, and able to focus on planning family activities that they would be able to do once they were moved into their dream house.

Vidyard Video

The End: Home Sweet Home

More than 20 years after stepping foot on the property, the Herrera’s vision has come to life! After breaking ground in June 2020, the couple was issued their Certificate of Occupancy in August 2021. Since the Herreras have moved in, they – along with their four children and nine grandchildren – have been able to enjoy what they have been dreaming about for over two decades. Lake life definitely agrees with these two, and we can’t wait to continue to be their banking partner for many years ahead.

Vidyard Video

Q & A with the Herreras

BankSouth: What advice would you give to other customers that are about to begin building a home?

The Herreras: Definitely have patience, and keep the vision and end goal in mind as you work through the process.

BankSouth: How would you say BankSouth has helped during the process of building?

The Herreras: We would definitely recommend BankSouth because at times, when it became overwhelming, having the team reassure us that the finances are there, and the team continue to tell us everything was going to be fine, definitely eased our minds.

BankSouth: What does your family think of this amazing property?

The Herreras: When the grandchildren saw it for the first time, they said, “Oh my gosh, this is so big!” Diann’s reply was, “Well yeah, but there is enough space for everybody to be here, and everyone can stay and have fun.” The ultimate goal was to create memories, not only for us but for our children and their children.

About BankSouth

BankSouth, headquartered in Greensboro-Lake Oconee, Georgia, is a small community bank with deep roots in the communities it serves. We strive to provide every financial resource our customers need with responsiveness, flexibility, and strength. We are a bank that is here for your life, business, and home.

About BankSouth Home Construction Loans in Georgia

More than that, we are the community bank more people depend on to build their dream homes with our custom home construction lending. We offer personalized service and decision-making at a local level, something warehouse lenders cannot do. With over 75 years of lending experience and a dedicated construction loan management team, you will be able to rest easy knowing you’re in good hands at BankSouth.

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