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How Debit Cards Can Make Life Easier

Jun 29, 2023 Personal
Man using his debit card while dining out

Do you ever feel like you’re juggling too much at once? Between work, family and social obligations, life can be incredibly overwhelming. However, there is one tool that can make your life a whole lot easier: a debit card. That’s right, with a debit card from BankSouth, you’ll be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of cashless transactions that can simplify your daily routine. Let’s take a deep dive into debit cards and explore just how they can make life easier.

Keeping Track of Spending

One of the biggest advantages of using a debit card is the ability to keep track of your spending. Every transaction appears on your statement, which means no more losing track of your cash expenses. By keeping track of your spending, you can budget and plan for financial goals more efficiently. Plus, it’s easy to view all your transactions online or in our mobile app*, which makes it simple to monitor your finances. With BankSouth, you can enjoy highly secure access to your account by simply logging in to BankSouth online banking from your computer or our mobile app.

Cashless Transactions

Debit cards are convenient and save time. You can go cashless and leave your cumbersome change behind. Simply carry the small plastic card that fits even into the smallest of pockets. You can buy things online or at point-of-sale locations, making it easier to transact. Another benefit of BankSouth’s debit cards is that they are NFC-enabled, so you can make contactless payments anywhere that allows it. You can even load it into your mobile wallet for cardless transactions where available!

Earn Rewards on Everyday Purchases

BankSouth periodically has exciting promotions, often linked with Mastercard called Priceless Surprises. With these promotions, you have the opportunity to earn rewards on everyday purchases made with your BankSouth Mastercard® debit card. These rewards can range from a credit to your account to an extravagant trip! So keep tabs on your inbox and our social media channels to look for messages from BankSouth informing you of these promotions as they happen!

Increased Security

Debit cards are also more secure than carrying cash with you. Unlike cash, a lost or stolen card can be reported and canceled, right from our mobile app, which ensures that no one else can use your funds. Plus, BankSouth takes your security seriously as we employ many measures to prevent fraud. Our online banking and mobile app provide tools to monitor your transactions for unauthorized purchases allowing you to take action if you notice anything amiss.

Woman checking debit card activity from cell phone while out in publicBanking On-the-go

With a BankSouth debit card, you can manage your account virtually anywhere. Our mobile app provides secure access to your account, including balance inquiries, transaction histories, mobile check deposits, account transfers, and more. You can even activate alerts to notify you of account activity and track your purchases in real-time. Banking on-the-go has never been so easy!


Debit cards have revolutionized the way we spend money, especially for people on the go. They add a convenience that can’t be matched by using cash. From keeping track of spending to earning rewards and managing your account from your phone, a BankSouth debit card can make your life easier. Plus, when the Priceless Surprises promotion is happening, using your BankSouth Mastercard debit card can now exceed your expectations as it may come with additional benefits.

A Look at Previous Priceless Surprises Promotions

Priceless Surprises MasterCard Promotion from BankSouth

BankSouth’s promotion with Mastercard® runs for a specified period of time, and it helps turn everyday purchases into exciting prizes, trips, and account credits. So don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to be rewarded for your purchases. To make sure you don’t miss out, open your checking account and start using the BankSouth Mastercard debit card.

Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International.

*Message and data rates may apply.

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