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Harold Reynolds
  • Current CEO/Chairman of BankSouth
  • Past Chairman of State Board of Georgia Technical Colleges
  • Member of Georgia Tech Young Engineers Hall of Fame
  • 30 years in banking industry 
Lewis Duvall
  • 50+ years in the livestock/dairy cattle business.
  • Owner - Greene County Livestock Barn for 33 years. BankSouth Director for 43 years.
  • Past Chairman of the Farm Credit Association.
  • Past President of the Georgia Livestock Market Association

Richard Maddux
  • Retired from BankSouth 2010. 
  • Served as EVP/Senior Credit Officer
  • Held VP positions at The Farmers Bank
  • Worked in Securities at Shields, Model, Roland and First Union National Bank
  • Served as Board Chairman, Georgia Student Finance Authority.

Marguerite McInteer
  • Chipman-Union, Inc. for 20 years with experience in manufacturing,engineering, systems and marketing.
  • Marketing and systems consultant afterwards.
  • 25 years on BankSouth Board of Directors
James M. Reynolds, III
  • Experience in real estate investment, banking and the timber industry.
  • BankSouth Director since 1981.
  • One of the developers for Reynolds Plantation. 
  • Board member for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.
  • Served on The Georgia Board of Industry, Trade and Tourism
  • Past Chair of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Division for Georgia
Jerry Shaifer
  • Founder, Chairman and CEO of Piedmont Water Company.
  • Past COO Seyfarth Shaw, an international law firm with 2,000 employees based in Chicago. 
  • Past leadership positions with commercial and residential mortgage banking organizations.
  • Former member of the Advisory Board for the Federal National Mortgage Association.

Frances R. Strickland
  • Over 25 years in the education field. 
  • Served as VP of BankSouth, Marketing Officer and Branch Manager.
  • BankSouth Director for the past 25 years.
  • Serves on BankSouth Foundation.
Bobby Voyles
  • Began banking career in 1961 with Citizens and Southern Bank in Atlanta.
  • Employee of BankSouth for 38 years; retiring in 2005.
  • Experienced in all phases of commercial banking and various leadership positions.
  • Member of BankSouth's Board of Directors since 1967.