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Why I BankSouth: Saucehouse Barbeque

Meet Christopher Belk, the owner behind Saucehouse, a thriving local business in Athens, Ga. that has become a local favorite. Hailing from North Carolina, Christopher’s journey of entrepreneurship first led him to the University of Georgia (UGA), where he not only earned his stripes but also set the stage for his culinary venture.

How Christopher Came to Know BankSouth

Christopher’s connection with BankSouth is rooted in his drive to be a local business and do business with other local businesses. This commitment motivated him to seek a financial partner with a similar ethos. He was looking for a bank local to the area that, no matter what stage his business was in,  would be able to suit his Saucehouse’s needs. He found that in BankSouth.

christopher from saucehouse barbecue

Christopher’s BankSouth Experience

Saucehouse’s journey began in 2013 with a focus on catering. The turning point came in 2015 when they successfully catered for 5,000 people at an event at the University of Georgia. Encouraged by the positive response, Christopher opened Saucehouse to the public later that year. BankSouth played a pivotal role in Saucehouse’s growth story, providing essential financing to acquire new equipment and facilities from this point forward.

Since opening his doors, Christopher has continued to rely on BankSouth business lending for the purchase of new equipment, an outdoor beer garden space, as well as the acquisition of the event and catering space now known as The Venue on Broad.

the venue building in athens ga

BankSouth: A Recipe for Success

BankSouth’s impact goes beyond financial assistance – it’s about standing out from the rest. Christopher attests that the key to understanding why people choose BankSouth lies in getting to know the individuals behind the brand. The more you connect with the people at BankSouth, the better you understand the brand.

For Christopher, the appeal lies in the personalized approach that puts his priorities first at every step of the way. Doing business locally, receiving prompt answers, and experiencing transparency are the hallmarks of his relationship with BankSouth.

saucehouse barbecue food menu


Christopher Belk’s journey with BankSouth exemplifies a fruitful collaboration between a local business and a community bank. As Saucehouse continues to flourish, it stands as a testament to the impact of a strong partnership and the unwavering support provided by the local community bank, BankSouth.

Through this continuous support from BankSouth, Saucehouse has emerged as the largest caterer in the area and a thriving local following as an Athens area favorite. So much so, that Saucehouse was named #1 fastest-growing business of all UGA alumni by the Bulldog 100 in 2018. We look forward to seeing this local favorite’s continued growth and being by their side through it all as their preferred financial partner.

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