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Why I BankSouth: April Farlow and Family Do Life and Banking Together

Join us as we unveil the inspiring journey of April Farlow, a valued customer who made the switch from her previous institution to BankSouth. Discover the reasons behind her decision and how it transformed her business and why her family decided to join her!

Meet April Farlow, a Trainer, Speaker, and Executive Coach

In her pursuit of financial excellence and exceptional banking experiences, April discovered BankSouth through a chance encounter in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot. What started as a casual conversation with Lorie Petersen, a Business Development Officer of BankSouth in our Watkinsville market, soon turned into a transformative banking relationship that has positively impacted April’s business and personal life.

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Hi, April, We’re BankSouth!

It all began when April crossed paths with Lorie Petersen, who had attended one of her speaking events at the Chamber of Commerce. After the event, Lorie and April connected in the parking lot, where Lorie shared her enthusiasm for her speech and referred her to speak at an upcoming BankSouth employee event.

Impressed by April’s expertise and speaking skills, BankSouth invited her not just once but twice to speak at their annual Kickoff event. This further solidified April’s interest in the bank and sparked her curiosity about the exciting things happening within BankSouth’s community. It was then that April began exploring the offerings of BankSouth.

April’s Personal BankSouth Experience

Driven by her desire to align her financial needs with a bank that shared her values, April decided to slowly transition her accounts to BankSouth. Each interaction with the BankSouth team left a lasting impression on her, and she was consistently impressed by the exceptional service and personalized attention she received. From the warm welcome at the branch to the genuine interest in her business, BankSouth exceeded her expectations.

How BankSouth Helps Grow Her Business

BankSouth has played a role in helping April grow her business. When she asked her clients how they heard about her, many of them mentioned Lorie Petersen from BankSouth. This testament to the bank’s commitment to supporting its customers and fostering growth resonated deeply with April.

It Became a Family Affair

April Farlow’s positive experience with BankSouth not only influenced her own banking decisions but also had a significant impact on her mother, Nancy Whirley. As a recent widow, Nancy needed a banking partner she could trust, one that prioritized her interests and provided stability during challenging times.

After initially transferring her personal accounts to BankSouth, Nancy was continuously impressed with the exceptional service and support she received. The bank’s unwavering commitment to her financial well-being ultimately led Nancy to make the unexpected decision to move her business accounts as well. BankSouth’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their genuine care for Nancy’s needs proved to be the driving force behind her decision, reaffirming the trust she placed in her banking partner.

April’s Mother Transitions to BankSouth for Peace of Mind and Ease of Banking

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A Community Bank for These Community Residents

For April, banking with BankSouth has made life easier and more fulfilling. Living in the serene surroundings of the Watkinsville and Athens community, she cherishes the personal connections she has built with the BankSouth team. They genuinely care about her priorities and business and go above and beyond to provide tailored solutions every step of the way.

Why April Farlow Continues to Choose BankSouth

If you’re wondering why people choose BankSouth, April Farlow encourages you to get to know the people at BankSouth. As she discovered, the more you connect with the individuals behind the bank, the deeper your understanding of the brand becomes. BankSouth puts your personal priorities first, ensuring a seamless banking experience and a trusted partner in your financial journey.

Tell us your story. Why do you BankSouth?

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