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Online Access

BankSouth offers immediate and easy access to your mobile and online banking. You can also apply for and review your ReadyLoan mortgage application.

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Banking Resources

Banking Resources

Every financial situation is unique. Explore our many resources available to you to make wise decisions when it comes to managing your money.

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For over ten years, BankSouth has helped thousands of families finance their homes.  We know how daunting this may be, but we take the worry and hassle out of the process.

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Student-Young Adult Savings Account

Get a head start on building your savings.

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Start saving early with our young adult savings account

Saving in your teens can set you up for great financial health as an adult. When you get your first job as a teenager or a college student, setting money aside in a savings account can give you a head start on financial goals and expenses you may have throughout adulthood. There are so many benefits to start saving in your teens, including teaching young adults money management skills early on and:

  • Financing your college expenses
  • Buying your first car
  • Building an emergency fund for a rainy day
  • Funding your first business venture
  • Making a down payment on your first home
  • Supporting your future 401K or retirement account

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Student-Young Adult Savings Account Features

Available for young adults under 24 1

$25.00 minimum opening balance

Maintain $25 balance to earn monthly interest 2

No Monthly Service Charges

5 free withdrawals per month 3


1Parent/Guardian must be a signer on account for accountholders under the age of 18. At age 24, the account will convert to a standard savings account. 2Contact your local branch for current rate. 3Excessive withdrawal fee of $3.00 per withdrawal after exceeding 5 free monthly withdrawals.

Give your child an even earlier start on saving

You know the importance of saving. Give your little one an early start on earning, saving and managing their money. Our student savings account comes in handy no matter your child’s age or grade. You can instill money management skills and help your school-aged child and pre-teen develop a savings habit today for a great financial future later.

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Why put your savings in a bank account?

Stashing your cash under your bed or in an old piggy bank or jar? Open our Student – Young Adult Savings Account for more benefits and get easy access to your money when you need it.

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Have comfort in knowing your money is stored in a safe place.

Money Management

Become a good manager and easily manage your savings in online and mobile banking.

Earn Interest

Your money doesn’t earn interest storing it at home. Let your money grow over time with a savings account.


Access your money when you need it and check on it any time, anyplace with online and mobile banking.

Set goals and watch your money grow in online and mobile banking

Take advantage of our easy-to-use online and mobile banking technology. Online or with the BankSouth mobile app, you can:

  • View your account balance
  • Set goals with money management
  • Get statements online
  • Transfer and receive money
  • Bank from any device

It’s easy to enroll, easy to use, and fully secure. It’s your local bank wherever you go.

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BankEasy. BankSafe. BankSouth.

Simplify your banking with BankSouth: the easy, safe, and smart option. Experience financial convenience and peace of mind, all in one trusted place.

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