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External Transfers FAQs

In this article: 

How to Get to Transfer Money Section 

How to Add External Accounts

How to Make External Transfer 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get to Transfer Money Section 

  1. Select Payments and Transfers in online banking or Bill Pay in the mobile app. 
  2. Enter the amount and the account you wish the money to come from.
  3. Select Make a Transfer from the options. 
  4. You can see your list of accounts you can send money to as well as the option to an Add External Account. 

How to Add External Accounts 

  1. Select the Add External Accounts button. 
  2. Choose from the list of popular financial institutions shown. 

If Your Financial Institution is Not Shown in the List: 

  1. Use the Search bar to locate your financial institution and click to select it. 
  2. Enter the required information to link your account to your BankSouth account. 
If Your Financial Institution is Not Shown After You Search: 
  1. You can choose to add the account by verifying ownership with microdeposits. 

How to Make External Money Transfer 

  1. Select which BankSouth account the money will be drafted from and which external account the money will be sent to. 
  2. Fill in the amount you want to transfer. 
  3. Input the Send date. Send date is when the money will be sent, and funds removed from your account; Deliver date is when the external account will receive the money. Usually the next business day. 
  4. Set sending frequency (once or repeatedly). 
  5. Add any necessary notes. 
  6. Select Transfer. 

External Transfers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an external transfer?
    A transfer between your BankSouth account and a different U.S. bank account that you own.
  • How long does it take to verify my external accounts?
    Instantly through multi-factor authentication. If you are unable to validate via multi-factor authentication, you may need to verify micro deposits with can take up to 3 business days.
  • Can I send money to someone else’s account?
    Yes, you may transfer money to someone else’s account using Pay a Person instead of Transfer Money. 
  • Are external transfers able to be recurring?
    Yes. External transfers can be recurring or single payments.
  • What about international transfers?
    Transfer Money is not able to transfer money to international accounts. Contact Customer Care at (706) 453-2265 or visit your nearest branch for more information. 
  • What is the delivery time for external transfers?
    External transfers typically post the following business day.
  • Can I edit an external transfer once scheduled?
    You can change or cancel your transfer up until 5:00 pm ET on the scheduled send date.
  • How many activities shows in the My Activities?
    As you keep scrolling, more history will appear until you get to the end of your activities list.
  • Is it possible to set higher limits for external transfers?
    Yes! Please contact your local banker or our Customer Care team at 706.453.2265 to discuss your needs.