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Online Access

BankSouth offers immediate and easy access to your mobile and online banking. You can also apply for and review your ReadyLoan mortgage application.

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Banking Resources

Every financial situation is unique. Explore our many resources available to you to make wise decisions when it comes to managing your money.

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For over ten years, BankSouth has helped thousands of families finance their homes.  We know how daunting this may be, but we take the worry and hassle out of the process.

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Disputes FAQs



Q. How do I submit a dispute?
A. Contact your Personal Banker or call us at (706) 453-2265 and we will be glad to assist you.

Q. What should I do before I submit a credit card dispute?
A. A quick call to the merchant can often answer your questions and easily resolve your dispute. The merchant’s phone number may be located on your receipt or billing statement. If the merchant is able to resolve the matter, your account will be credited usually within 30 days, though this can vary by merchant and when they process refunds. However, if this is not resolved, you may want to submit a dispute. Do this by calling (706) 453-2265.

Q. I have a charge on my debit card account that I did not authorize, what do I do?
A. During business hours contact your personal banker. After hours, please call 1 (800) 500-1044 to cancel your card and contact us the next business day.

Q. I think BankSouth reported information on my credit report inaccurately. How can I dispute this reporting?
A. To dispute an item reported to the credit bureaus by BankSouth, perform the following:
Call BankSouth’s Customer Care Center at (706) 453-2265.
Write a letter of dispute explaining why you believe that a credit reporting error exists, and include your contact information (including name, address, and telephone number), account number, type of account, explanation of error, and a copy of your credit report with the information you are disputing,
If you are disputing an item reported to Chexsystem, please visit a BankSouth branch near you.

Q. How do I dispute an ACH transaction?
A. Contact your Personal Banker or contact one of our Customer Care Associates at (706) 453-2265.

Q. How can I dispute a transaction posting to my checking or savings account?
A. Contact your Personal Banker or contact one of our Customer Care Associates at (706) 453-2265.

Q. How can I get a status update on a dispute previously submitted?
A. Call Customer Care at (706) 453-2265 and we’ll be glad to give you an update.