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Quickbooks, Quicken & Mint Users

BankSouth customers who use QuickBooks, Quicken or Mint software may need to adjust their settings when working with BankSouth's Online Banking service.  The following summary highlights the basic instructions on how to proceed; if you have any questions after following these procedures, please call our Customer Care team at (706) 453-2265 for help.


As BankSouth completes its system conversion, QuickBooks Online settings will need to be updated to ensure transition of your data. Please reference the dates next to each task as this information is time sensitive. To complete these instructions, use your login credentials for online banking.

It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. This conversion should take 15–30 minutes.

Documentation and Procedures

Conversion – Information only

QuickBooks Online data is stored on Intuit servers in the cloud. Since QuickBooks updates your records with every change, it cannot restore your file to a previous point in time.

QuickBooks Online automatically updates your selected version so you are always on the latest release.

IMPORTANT:  QuickBooks Online connectivity services may be interrupted up to 5 business days after the conversion is complete.
Task 1:  Deactivate Accounts in QuickBooks Online on or after 11/12/2019
1. Select Banking on the left column
2. Click on the account you would like to disconnect, then click the Pencil Icon.
3. Click on Edit Account Info.
4. Check the box next to Disconnect this account on save.
5. Click Save and Close.
6. Repeat steps 2-6 to deactivate additional accounts.
Task 2:  Reconnect Accounts at BankSouth on or after 11/12/2019
1.  In the upper-right area, click Add Account
2. Enter BankSouth
3. Click BankSouth in the search results below.
4. Type your login credentials.  Click Continue.
5. Provide any additional information requested to proceed.
6. Ensure you associate the account for BankSouth to the appropriate account already listed under Which accounts do you want to connect?  Select the matching accounts in the drop-down menu.
IMPORTANT:  Do NOT select +Add new.  If you are presented with accounts you do not want to track in this data file, Uncheck the box next to the Account Name.
7. After all the accounts have been matched, click Connect.
8. When the download is finished, you will return to the Banking page.
Task 3: Excluding Duplicate Transactions
1. Choose Banking
2. In the For Review section, click the checkboxes for the transactions you want to exclude.
NOTE: If you accidentally exclude a transaction, you can include it again.
Task 4: Undo Excluded Transactions
1.  Choose Banking.
2. Click the Excluded tab.
3. Click the checkboxes for the transactions you want to include.
4. Click Batch Actions > Undo.