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Online Access

Online Access

BankSouth offers immediate and easy access to your mobile and online banking. You can also apply for and review your ReadyLoan mortgage application.

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For over ten years, BankSouth has helped thousands of families finance their homes.  We know how daunting this may be, but we take the worry and hassle out of the process.

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Simplify the Mortgage Process

Intuitive app. Less paperwork. More help. Get your mortgage and get home.

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The People and Technology to Make Your Mortgage Process Run Smoothly

We get it. Mortgages can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider, and a lot of paperwork to get done. That’s where we come in. Our Mortgage team is made up of experts with the competence, the commitment, and the compassion to help you get it done.

Our goal is to get you the keys to your house. We’re here to get it done.

The BankSouth Technology Edge: Your House In The Palm Of Your Hand

What happens when mortgage expertise is made easy to use? You get your mortgage without hassle. Our mortgage app means:

  • Calculate your mortgage options
  • Scan encrypted paperwork
  • Apply for a loan on your phone or tablet
  • Keep track of your loan status

Technology and people coming together. That’s how you get in the door.

ReadyClose™ – Close with Confidence

Your client’s time is valuable and their mortgage closing should be efficient and smooth. Our ReadyClose process is here to help them know before they go!

Timing of package and finality of numbers will vary for each closing. Subject to credit approval.

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The Mortgage Terms Glossary

You’re going to be hearing a lot of new terms during this process. Your BankSouth Mortgage Banker will make sure you understand them, but here’s some info so you can be prepared. Don’t worry…there won’t be a quiz.

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Consultation and Prequalification

Before you even begin your search, find out what kind of mortgage you qualify for! The consultation and prequalification lets you estimate the size of mortgage loan you qualify for based on your credit score and financial profile. A prequalification gives you an idea of how much home you can really afford and is a signal to real estate agents and sellers that you are a serious buyer.

A prequalification makes the loan application process easier because each process requires you to provide similar information. This includes paystubs, tax returns, etc. to verify your income. The more information, the more accurate.

Prequalification starts you on the path toward your new home.

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What Happens After I Prequalify?

Tips on Maintaining Your Loan Approval

Signing your initial loan application is not the final step. Credit, income, and assets are re-verified after you have signed your initial loan application documents, and it is extremely important to avoid activities that affect your credit, such as applying for new credit.

You need to make sure things don’t change.

What To Do:

  1. Keep your credit at a steady level
  2. Keep all accounts current such as mortgages, car payments, and credit cards
  3. Keep copies of all paycheck stubs and any statements on bills being paid off through the loan process
  4. Make payments on all accounts on or before the due date, even if the account is being paid off
  5. Keep your current bank account and avoid large transfers
  6. Stay at your current job (if possible)

What To Avoid (If Possible)

  1. Making any non-payroll deposits (Please contact your loan officer about this if it applies to you. For example, if you do side jobs for money, etc.)
  2. Co-signing on a loan for anyone
  3. Purchasing an automobile or any other real estate
  4. Applying for more credit, an in-store credit card, or charging a large amount on existing cards
  5. Start any home improvements which require you to open credit

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The journey ends with you opening the front door. It starts by applying. Let’s get you home.

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