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Mortgages Made Simple?

Aug 17, 2022 Mortgage Speak

I am a consumer just like you. I hear and see advertisements claiming to “simplify” the mortgage process. As a consumer, I can understand this marketing approach. As a mortgage professional, I have a different feeling about this messaging.

Simplifying a mortgage would infer that finding, buying, and financing a home is simple. But let us be honest; the home search, the financing, and moving are all very complex. People desire and deserve professional guidance, planning, and preparation for one of the most significant purchases of their lives. To make a confident decision, buyers need the right tools and information from a local lender to successfully navigate financing a home.

Technology has afforded many industries the ability to deliver goods and services “on-demand.” With this immediacy in our daily lives, there is a learned behavior of “on demand” for everything. This culture is impacting how consumers navigate major life decisions to include home financing. I often say the internet will tell you whatever you ask. The missing piece for most consumers is the knowledge to know what to ask. Technology tools can be very beneficial, such as apps and websites to calculate a proposed payment on a home, search for new listings, and generate an “on-demand” pre-approval letter. These convenient tools are fantastic when coupled with personalized guidance from a mortgage professional. When given individual consults, my clients are empowered to apply that personalized information and expedite specific answers on their own.

Everyone has individual needs. The right lender will not encourage clients to create and direct their own experience. I acknowledge and respect the individual nature of each client and transaction. Home financing is different for everyone. And each person wants to feel confident they have secured the lowest rate and best terms for their repayment goals.

Seek out an expert who will take the time to guide you. Align the convenient tools and resources with the personalized consult. And be empowered to make a confident decision.

By Shannon K. Bradshaw


The opinions expressed within this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of BankSouth Mortgage or its affiliates.

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