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Fundamentals – Let’s Go Back to Basics

For most of our clients, their future home purchases are the largest investments they will make in their lifetime. With this important decision there will always be some element of emotion. Most often buyers are motivated to move for a life change. Growing families, job relocation, newly married couples are all among those life changes. As real estate professionals we are tasked with helping buyers make clear headed decisions even as their lives are in the midst of change. The psychology of homebuying will always be a crucial piece of our work and is often the most underestimated value premise we can deliver to our clients.

In recent years, (and certainly 2022), we have seen the emotional influence dominate. In fact, the emotion has dominated to an extent even the most decisive buyers are impacted. To remain consistent in the message I send as mortgage advisor, I have set aside time each day to remind myself of the basics of homebuying and financing. Rates will always be fluid, the media will always have a larger megaphone, and home prices will be what they will be. Who and what matter most are our clients, their individual needs, and goals.

We cannot override the influences of media or the competitive market. However, we can remain consistent with our mission to advise our clients with honesty, integrity, and their best interest in mind.  Prospective homebuyers need more individual consult and reassurance than we have ever delivered. I am grateful to have met so many fantastic real estate and financing professionals in my 17-year tenure. And I am using my small megaphone today to create a larger voice.  With your help, I know we can use our collective knowledge, professionalism and true focus on our clients and bring the homebuying experience Back to the Basics.

By Shannon K. Bradshaw


The opinions expressed within this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of BankSouth Mortgage or its affiliates.

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